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Dave Bautista might be able to bench press the combined weight of the rest of the cast in this inept action comedy – but he sure as hell can’t carry a movie. He plays Vic, a driven police detective who is temporarily unable to drive (laser eye surgery has rendered him practically blind). The muscle-bound Mr Magoo calls an Uber and commandeers the car and its driver, Stu (Kumail Nanjiani), in order to bring to justice a cop-killing, drug-dealing martial arts whiz (Iko Uwais). It’s not just Vic who is shortsighted. It takes a special strain of movie myopia to cast a fighter as skilled as Uwais, and then shoot the action with the kind of seizure cinematography that blurs everything into an indistinct scrum of fists and feet. In the absence of sharp writing, Bautista and Nanjiani adopt the blunt-weapon approach, shrieking their lines at each other as if they’re trying to hold a conversation from opposite sides of an eight-lane motorway. It’s painfully unfunny stuff.

Source: The Guardian
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