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In Rise 2 Resurrection you assume the role of Coton, a cyborg created by an Electrocorp scientist to destroy a rogue robot called the Supervisor. After defeating Coton in the first installment of Rise of the Robots, she (the Supervisor takes a female form) destroyed his body and kept his mind alive, integrating his essence into her neuralnet as a tutor for her subservient droids. Once they realized that Coton had failed, the scientists hatched another plan to overcome the Supervisor. They introduced an A-virus, or Anarchy virus, into the neural net that all the Supervisor’s robots were plugged into. Now the virus has reached Coton’s conciousness and he has formed an escape plan. Download his knowledge and abilities into one of the subordinate robots and battle his way out.

Rise 2’s beautiful graphics and entrancing techno soundtrack are impressive, to say the least. Backgrounds are colorful and well-implemented; the music and sound effects are strong and vibrant, and work well together to create an exciting play atmosphere. You can choose from a large number of great-looking robots—some are big and strong, while others are small and quick, and each has special moves that only it can perform. One particularly nice feature is that you can get extra projectile moves by performing a termination move on your defeated opponent.

But none of this means anything if the game isn’t fun. And unfortunately for us, Rise 2 isn’t. The moves feel awkward and clumsy, and if you don’t use the keyboard, a six-button controller, or Gravis Grip Adapter, you won’t be able to perform all of them anyway. If you’re looking for easy-to-perform moves and reliable functions, try out Mortal Kombat 3, One Must Fall 2097, or FX Fighter. If you’re looking for an expensive screensaver, this is the title for you.


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