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This short, impressionistic film by the Argentinian artist and film-maker Toia Bonino has the poster tagline: “Una historia sin solución”, a story without a resolution, no finish, no tying of loose ends.

Orione is an ambient documentary, or maybe deconstructed documentary, about the police shooting of a young man who got mixed up in crime, Alejandro “Ale” Robles, killed in the Don Orione barrio of Buenos Aires. Instead of telling a conventional story, Bonino presents a mosaic of scenes, snapshots and tableaux around this event. She establishes an open-ended set of circumstances, political and sociocultural milieux, representing moments connected with Ale and guys just like him. Here is the soil from which the violence grew.

Ale’s mother is interviewed, calmly and sadly talking while baking a cake. We see kids playing football near a mural of Maradona in the “hand of God” pose. We switch to other scenes. There are arrested people in a grim ID parade – also a holding cell. Bonino shows “chest cam” police footage of a raid. Then an autopsy room with a corpse of a criminal, a label on his toe. There is video of a small child – not Ale, presumably – being interviewed by police or social services about what it was like seeing their dad being shot at. There is family video material of Ale’s upbringing. And there is news footage of the aftermath of the event itself – or another, similar event?

Perhaps Bonino has reconstructed some of this material, and it is conceivable that she has changed the surname of the family involved. But it looks very real. What you might call the film’s interviewee tone is flat, affectless, almost sotto voce. Perhaps everyone has cried themselves dry – but might there also be a sense that talking too much, too animatedly, and to an outsider, is unwise? For some, that opaque “sin solución” aspect of the film could be exasperating. But you might call it a social history of the unconscious.

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