My Rembrandt review – to have and to hold the Dutch master | Film

In this documentary about a series of eccentric collectors obsessed with the revered artist, the Dutch director Oeke Hoogendijk shoots her subjects with a cool scepticism. American tycoon Thomas Kaplan owns 11 Rembrandts. “Here’s my admission,” he says, recounting his purchase of Study of an Elderly Woman in a White Cap. He leans in conspiratorially and describes kissing the painting on the lips upon seeing her “in the flesh”.

Lust, greed, envy and pride animate characters such as Kaplan, Jan Six, a Dutch art dealer hoping to authenticate a new picture bought at an auction, and a French baron who decides to sell two life-size paintings to help his brother pay a tax bill. My Rembrandt is at its most interesting when struggling to reconcile the slow, careful work of art restoration with the crass, instant gratification on acquiring such rarefied objects.

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Source: The Guardian

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