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There’ll be hardly an uncurled toe in the house for this teen-abstinence illness weepie, remade from the 2006 Japanese film Taiyô No Uta, or Song to the Sun, earnestly acted by performers playing alleged human beings who never at any time resemble actual carbon-based lifeforms.

Katie (Bella Thorne) is a superhot high-school graduate with the (genuine) condition of XP, or xeroderma pigmentosum, which means she can’t go out in sunlight. Coyly, the movie is set in Washington state: the Twilight heartland. Her adoringly protective dad Jack has homeschooled her – he is played by Rob Riggle, usually a broad comedy guy. Katie likes nothing more than going out late at night and wholesomely busking her keening, insightful songs with the acoustic guitar that naturally belonged to her late mother (cue: soft-focus flashbacks at the beach). She does this at the, erm, strangely dark and mostly deserted railway station, evidently a place where musically minded but tragically unwell young women can pick up a few bucks late at night.

Then the hunkily sensitive young Charlie (played by Patrick Schwarzenegger, son of Arnold) happens to be ambling along by the tracks and is entranced by her music. They get to talking. He too has problems: a shoulder injury has put him out of the swim team and ruined his chances of a sports scholarship. But he did that while he was drunk, so the fault was totally in his stars. Katie can’t bear to tell him about her condition or why they can only meet in the evening for all activities up to and including kissing, but one night Charlie takes her on a wild late-night trip to Seattle. It’ll be all right as long as they keep an eye on the time! Gulp! It is a genetically modified sob-fest, in which terminal illness looks like just another Instagram filter.

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