Honest Thief review – low-stakes thriller | Thrillers (film)

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Liam Neeson is Tom Carter, AKA “the In and Out Bandit”, a bank robber who has swindled 12 banks in seven states, accruing $9m. Importantly, he’s “met a woman” and is ready to hand over the money and turn himself in. In this low-stakes thriller, FBI agents Niven and Hall (Jai Courtney and Anthony Ramos) scupper his plans for a quiet life by attempting to kill him and steal the money for themselves. Former marine Tom is having none of it.

With Neeson well within the confines of his comfort zone, tailed by corrupt cops and diving out of hotel windows, the film should be better. Yet it drags, not least in tedious scenes of him earnestly telling new girlfriend Annie (Kate Walsh) how she’s put him on the straight and narrow.

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Source: The Guardian
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