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Dungeon Master II: The Legend of Skullkeep Review

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The slow, frustrating interface and dated–painfully dated–graphics of this fantasy RPG make one very, very aware of just how sophisticated we game-playing types have become in the last decade or so. Created very much with its ‘80s ancestor in mind, the fantasy world of Dungeon Master II is complete, well-structured…and sloooowww. Simple controls, combat-party layout designation, an atypical magic system, and a selection of female characters—who for once function as more than party-rounding fodder—make some steps toward making DMII a good game…but the steps just aren’t big enough. The serious RPGer raised on lunchtime D&D games in the high school library will find the game’s challenges entertaining, true to form, and reasonably intelligent, but the computer gamer will easily be able to find better-looking, faster-playing, more immersive fantasy games out there, without the epic yawn-factor found here.

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