The Jackal Score

The Jackal: Expanded Original Motion Picture Score

Directed by: Michael Caton-Jones
Distributed by: Universal Pictures
Music by: Carter Burwell
Genre: Score
Releasted: never released
Label: none (bootleg)

The Jackal is a 1997 suspense film directed by Michael Caton-Jones. The film tells the story of an assassin. Russian police and FBI with Valentina Koslov (Diane Venora) and Preston (Sidney Poitier) kill a member of the Russian mafia. He was a high-rank person, the son of a mafia boss. He decides to take revenge on the authorities and organizes the assassination of the head of the FBI. For this purpose, he hires a paid assassin The Jackal (Bruce Willis). FBI finds out about the Russian mafia plans and pulls out Declan Malquenn (Richard Gere) of jail, a former member of the IRA, to help them capture the Jackal.

The score was composed by Carter Burwell and was not officially released.

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1. Moscow (original version) (0:39)
2. Club Ruckus (alternate) / Helsinki (1:30)
3. Polotovski’s Abduction (original version) (1:12)
4. Taxi Transaction (film version) (0:42)
5. Weapon of Choice (1:36)
6. Montreal Airport (film version) (2:15)
7. Declan Mulqueen (unused) (0:57)
8. The Jackal En Route (original version) (0:29)
9. Isabella (1:07)
10. The Key (film version) (1:32)
11. FBI Headquarters (alternate) (0:32)
12. No Clown (original version) (1:40)
13. The Jackal Leavs Quebec (original version) (0:47)
14. Hi-Jackers & Race Through the Garage (film version) (4:01)
15. The Test (alternate middle part) (3:02)
16. Uphall Station (0:26)
17. The Yacht (2:50)
18. Marina Search (film version) (4:34)
19. The Drop Box/Ferry/The Mole Revealed (2:57)
20. Valentina’s Death (alternate) / Declan’s Anger (5:08)
21. Subway Aftermath (2:07)
22. Isabella & Declan (alternate) (0:32)
23. End Credits (original Version) (1:24)
24. The Jackal in London (unused) / Taxi Transaction (original Version) (0:59)
25. Montreal Airport (alternate) (2:36)
26. Montreal Airport (original version) (2:22)
27. The Key (alternate) (1:31)
28. No Clown (alternate) (1:34)
29. Hi-Jackers & Race Through the Garage (6:24)
30. The Test (alternate) (3:31)
31. Marina Search (alternate) (3:19)
32. Pier Chase (original version) (1:47)
33. The Drop Box (unaltered) (0:49)
34. The Yacht (reprise) (2:55)

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